Victorian Edwardian Bloomers Pantaloons Split Drawer Crochet Trim

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Height: 8.00 Inches
Width: 10.00 Inches
Depth: 2.00 Inches
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From the late Victorian or Edwardian era, a nice pair of lady's bloomers or pantaloons.  The split leg drawers are made of a fine white batiste cotton, featuring a button closure, on either side of the waist.  Drawstring in the back to adjust the fit. 

The legs of the pantaloons are full, embellished with a wide ruffle at the hem.  At the bottom edge of the ruffle are three rows of narrow tucking.  The ruffle is joined to the main body of the bloomers with a decorative insert of hand crochet and white work embroidery eyelet.   At the top of the insertion is a row of eyelet for adding a pretty ribbon, of your choice. 

Measurement:  27" long from the waist to hem.  33" around the waist.  This would adjust somewhat, either way, with the drawstring. 

Condition is very nice.  I did not notice any holes or damage.  Very wearable or lovely for display.

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