Victorian Edwardian Hand Painted Writing Supplies Notebook With Motto

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An endearing sentimental notebook for storing writing paper and envelopes.  This sweet piece of the past dates from the Victorian - Edwardian era.  Made of hard card, the book is covered in natural tan linen fabric with hand painted flora and motto. 

"Oh when you (pen) your letters, Remember always this, To (stamp) them with Affection, And (seal) them with A Kiss".  The word "pen" is substituted for hand painted ink pen point.  The word "stamp" is substituted for a real 2 cent postage stamp and the word "seal" is actually a piece of sealing wax.  Amazingly romantic, don't you think. 

The book has embossed brass protectors on the two outer corners.  Opening the note book, you will find a pocket for storing writing material on the inside of the cover.  "Paper and Envelopes" are written on the pocket.  Opposite on the inside is a blotter sheet.  At one time this was affixed to the cover, but has come loose. 

Size of the notebook is 8" x 9-1/2".  Condition, you will find some soil spotting on the linen.  Certainly not perfect but still wonderful.

Wish I knew more history ~ possibly craft kit for making at home or maybe by a small cottage industry employing women to decorate this sort of product?   



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