Victorian Embroidered School Girl ABC Red Stitch Sewing Sampler

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A  nice ABC school girl sewing sampler done in red stitch.  Judging from the background material and believing the thread may be a cotton I would date this piece later Victorian.  Unfortunately no date or name.  The background fabric is a very finely woven mesh.  The young mistress worked four styles of ABC's and two of numbers.  All nicely done. 

On two of the sets of alphabet the letter "I" is missing.  Sampler is outlined around the edge in red thread also. Blue stylized motif on either side at the bottom of sampler. An animal figure appears near top on right side.  American sampler?  Although it was purchased here on the West Coast and stored for at least 25 years I am not sure of the origin.  My guess it may be European or Canadian. 

Regardless it is a wonderful piece in very nice condition.  No thread loss and only slight overall yellowing major staining.  Probably this is the original frame (which also indicates to me the sampler is late Victorian)  although newer paper has been placed on the back at some point.  Slight carving on the frame with some loss.  These areas have been touched up with a dark stain to make it less obvious. 

Size including the frame is 14" x 14-1/4".  This item will be shipped FedEx.

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