Victorian Hand Knitted Doll Shoes Booties Slippers Ribbon Trim

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Depth: 4.00 Inches
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Found with an old doll among her clothing, a pair of hand knitted doll slippers, shoes, booties. An off white or creamy color, the slippers are edged with a scallop trim, then laced with pink silk ribbon to adjust the fit. This cute pair date from the early 1900's, Victorian or Edwardian era.

Size of the pair:  3" in length from toe to heel.  1-3/8" across the width.  5" around the ankle.  This would be about the maximum but with the ribbon drawstring would adjust smaller. 

Condition.  The slippers are somewhat soiled but are nice condition.  I noticed the ribbon does have some splits so more than likely would need to be replaced. 


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