Victorian Hats Bonnets Delineator Magazine Pages 1899 Butterick Fashion

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Fashionable hats and sun bonnets to sew, are offered by the Butterick Publishing Company, from two pages of an old Delineator magazine.  Patterns for these adorable charmers could be purchased directly through Butterick or an agent. Oh my goodness, I think I could have ordered every one of them as they are so cute. 

Wouldn't you like to do just that today?  Fifteen different styles were available, from poke bonnet to sun bonnets.  Thrown in the mix are a couple of Tam O'Shanter caps, too.  The article goes on to state the type of fabrics they could be made from, plus all the pretty trimming for embellishment,  Even down to the tiny buttons to accent.  On the bottom of one page is marked the date of 1899. 

A nice reference for costuming or other historical research work.

Pages are presentable but not perfect condition.

Size 8" x 11"

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