Victorian Homespun Sheet Red Blue Embroidery Crochet Lace Trim

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Height: 11.00 Inches
Width: 12.00 Inches
Depth: 6.00 Inches
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Here is a wonderful example of a later Victorian hand woven homespun bed sheet with embroidery of red and blue floss along the one edge and trailing around the corner extending 33" to form the sheet return along the two long edges.

The gorgeous attached flora lace trim is hand crocheted measuring 3" wide.

The sheet is woven in three widths with each width measuring 27-1/2" wide. Each width is joined with hand stitching as you can see by the above photo. Overall size of the sheet is 82-1/2" wide x 115" long including the crochet trim edging.

As I mentioned the lovely trailing flora decorates along the top edge of the sheet. Embroidered above the flora at the center edge are the initials P. C. entwined with flora and geometric design. One can only suppose, but perhaps it was made for a wedding sheet. The measurement of this center motif is 14" wide x 9" long. Although the color of the border and the entwining center embroidery work is still bright the monogram letters are faded.

This lovely sheet has been used and repaired as needed as attested to the long ago mend shown in the above photograph. After it was no longer used it had been lovingly stored away - folded inside out to preserve. I am pleased to offer a nice handmade specimen made so long ago.

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