Victorian Linen Drawnwork Lace Centerpiece Table Doily

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The art of fine table linens were discerningly made and lovingly coveted by the Victorian homemaker. 

The Gatherings is offering a late Victorian linen centerpiece table doily in an intricate drawn / pulled thread motif.  It is a pretty doily featuring several different patterns, both on the outside pointed border as well as the inner portions of the doily.   

The size of the doily is 25-1/2" diameter.  It has been freshly laundered and pressed.  A lovely doily but does have a flaw.  Let me call your attention to the outside pointed border.  As you will note, one of the points is missing from the edging.  Damaged or never finished?  I couldn't decide.  Still, it is a lovely piece, however, I am offering at a price reflecting the flaw, in hopes someone would be happy to be the caretaker of this piece from the past.  

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