Victorian Long Apron Knitted Lace Drawnwork Embroidery 1890s White Cotton

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Such pretty apron in a white cotton or linen blend fabric.  The apron dates from the later Victorian, 1890's to 1900's.  Perhaps as early as the 1880's.  It is a long apron with wide hand knitted lace at the hem line.  It also has two rows of fancy drawnwork lace and three narrow rows of drawn pulled thread embroidery.  Apron ties are long without any ornamentation. 

Length of the apron from the waist to hem is 33-1/2" long.  17-1/2" across the front of the waist. Length of one ties is 23" long.  The other tie is 28"long.  The knitted lace is 3-1/4" wide.  The two rows of wider drawnwork are 3/4" wide and the narrow rows of are 1/8" wide.

Condition:  The apron was laundered to remove years of storage oxidation.  A few tiny spots still remain but minor.  One hole in the knitted lace, and with a little patience, could be mended.  A few broken threads, in both the wider and narrow drawn lace, which could also be mended, if desired.  Plus a long ago mended area (see photo).  To me, these long ago mends, such as this one, are an art in themselves.  Expertly charming, women of the day, made do, mending and darning clothing etc, to gain more wear from a particular piece.  Their needle work, fine with precision, should be an attraction rather than a negative. 

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