Victorian Pin Keep Sterling Bodkins Sewing Case Rose Silk Fabric

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A Victorian pin keep or sewing case, complete with tools in a padded silk rose covered fabric case. The edge of the heart shaped case, both front and back, is studded with black straight pins, handy for that sewing project. 

The heart is made in two halves, held together with a pink bow.  Lined in solid pink fabric  the case, when opened, reveals three sterling silver engraved bodkin (ribbon threading) sewing tools.  Each bodkin is a different width, each in its own compartment.  The fourth tool is a flat metal bodkin.  The three sterling bodkin are in a shaped design, in a lovely floral pattern, featuring an Art Nouveau style. 

Each are matching but in different widths.   The largest is 2-5/8" long x 3/4" wide. measuring at the bottom edge.  The middle one is 2-5/8" long x 3/8" wide.  The smallest is 2-5/8" long x 1/4" wide.  The other metal bodkin is 3-1/4" long.  Several assorted needles were found with the case also.

The lovely heart case is 4" long x 4" wide, at the widest point.  The thickness is 3/4" thick. 

Condition of the case:  Some shreds to the silk covers.  The one side show more wear than the other.  Of course, typical of silk but still a wonderful piece to enjoy for years to come.  Some tarnish to the bodkins.  If you notice the photo  of the three bodkins, there seems to be a plain area in the middle of one. It is not wear but just the end of the design. 


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