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Victorian Small Doll Quilt With Figural Back Of Cows House

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The backing of this little Victorian doll quilt is just wonderful!  Front of the pieced quilt  is colorful, too, with paisly squares set on a diamond grid alternating with a solid dark blue.  Still, it is the backing I love the best.  A figural print of cows, grist mill and flora.  It is a type of printed cloth found during the later Victorian era. 

As sometimes happens, smaller quilts / doll quilts are made from larger bed quilt that have worn out.  I suspect this may be a possibility on this quilt.  If so, it was done long, long ago.  Nevertheless, it takes away no less charm.  The quilt is completely hand stitched along the edge.  The blocks are pieced but with no quilting or batting between the fabrics. Fabrics are linen / wool challis. 

Size of the quilt is 11-1/2" x 16".  Condition:  Some wear holes in both front and back.  I would consider nothing major but it is not perfect.

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