Victorian Tambour Lace Bonnet Hat Veil Hand Made On Tulle

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A lovely white needle lace bonnet, hat veil, from the later Victorian era.  A run of tambour embroidery, of a delicate flower pattern, embellishes the bottom of the veil, full length. The two short ends are scallop.   The top edge is a raw edge with tambour thread run lengthwise, to secure the edge from raveling.  Hand embroidered "buttons" are scattered through the tulle netting.  Cotton tulle in a soft off white color.

58" long x 16" wide.  The pretty flower border is about 3" wide.  

I have shown the lace against white to show the loveliness of the color.  Also, against black to show the pattern more vividly.

Condition,  Very nice.  Only a couple small holes, which would be only normal.


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