Victorian Wooden Toy Lithograph Picture Blocks Animals Birds Early 1900's

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From a child's play room long ago, a set of wooden lithograph picture blocks.  The toy blocks are a set of six cubes, each side rendering a different scene.  The set including hatching chicks, a gang of ducks, a flock of sheep, two birds on a branch, cats playing and a group of rabbits.  Included with the set are the four prints of the animals, but missing the one of the cats.  The lid of the box features the rabbits.  This is a small set with the size of each cube 1-1/4" square.   Dating from the later Victorian era to the Edwardian time period.   No mark as to maker. 

Condition:  As you will notice, the set has been heavily played with and there is loss of some paper on some of the blocks, plus roughness at the edges.  Also there is no bottom to the box. Only the lid.  One side of the lid does have a tear.  

Still this is a cute set and reasonably priced for the condition. 

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