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Vintage 1920 1930 Pique Summer Bedspread Wide Hand Crochet Trim Edging Unused

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A white summer bed spread from the vintage years of the 1920's or 1930's,  in a Ripplette fabric, or as we may call today, pique.  The spread is unused, still with the original cloth label of Androscoggin Mills, Lewiston, Maine. 

Somewhere after purchase, a 6-1/4" border of crochet trim was added on two sides and bottom.  (no trim across the top)  The filet trim is hand made in a lovely pointed scallop.   What a gorgeous embellishment to this pretty bed linen.  For whatever reason, it was then stored away.

The overall size is 92" wide x 105" long.  This measurement includes the crochet trim. 

As I noted:  it has never been used or laundered.  At one time, the spread did have a complete paper label on the fabric but all that remains is the backing of the paper (see photo).  This would easily be removed by soaking and laundering.  plus the spread would be snowy white. 

A history notation of the company:  Androscoggin Mills, Lewiston, Maine was founded in 1860.  Known for their rayon crepes, fancies, bedding and Ripplette. (evidently a trade name)   

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