Vintage 1920 Ribbon Art Pink Handmade Satin Fruit Rosette Hat Millinery Dress Trim

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A lovely piece of ribbon art from the vintage 1920's. Beautiful rosettes of the the 1920's appeared on clothing and millinery, as well as extravagant textiles or vanity items decorating a boudoir. The clusters would be suitable for Gatsby costuming or millinery hat making. 

A cluster of two smaller and one larger silk satin "fruit" (apples, perhaps?) in shades of pink. Leaves of green chiffon embellish the cluster.  Yet a smaller cluster of two, is being offered with the larger cluster. 

Each piece of "fruit" is firmly stuffed with a batting to give a plump appearance. As noted from the photo, the back side of each piece, is tightly closed with stitches. The size of the larger cluster is 3" in diameter x 1-1/8" high. The smaller cluster measures 2" in diameter x 3/4" high. Condition of the pieces are unused and very nice. 

Or let your imagination be your inspiration. 

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