Vintage 1920 Volland Entertainment Book Fashion Woman Cover Original Box Party Planner

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Entertaining anyone?  Here's fun reading from a yesteryear past.  Dating from the 1920's this Calendar of Entertainments booklet covers 52 different parties from birthday, anniversary, holiday, showers, announcements, fairs and other special occasions.  Created by Claire Wallis and Nellie Ryder Gates, it is published by the PF Volland Company.  

From the forward: " Originality has been the object of the writers, to give the woman who entertains something "new" to startle her friends".  How utterly charming, some of the party plans are.  Written for a time past, still, many hints could be adapted today for the resourceful party planner hostess.

 Or the booklet could be just for plain fun reading!  

The 5-1/2" wide x 11" long paper booklet includes the original cardboard box.  Wonderful graphics of a fashionable 1920's woman on the cover and front of book.  

Booklet is very nice as it has been stored in its box all these years.  Although the box is still good, it does have breakage of the cardboard at one of the corners and along each side of the lid.  All minor but not perfect.

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