Vintage 1920s Darn Net Tablecloth Knotted Filet Lacis Art Deco White Cotton

Weight: 2.00 LBS
Height: 12.00 Inches
Width: 14.00 Inches
Depth: 3.00 Inches
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A vintage Art Deco 1920's darn net knotted lace lacis tablecloth.  This type of tablecloth was all the rage during the 1920's and 1930's ~ everyone had one, or wanted one for their dining room table.

This lovely Art Deco cloth is worked in a diamond pattern, with a flower motif, surrounded by solid borders.  Tablecloth edge is a stepped design scallop. An attractive cloth worked in both open and knotted filet.  Cotton thread. White in color.  

A nice size cloth measuring 80-1/2" long x 62" wide.  Rectangle size

Condition: Has been used but very nice.  A few pulled threads but no holes . A couple of light spots yet after being laundered.  Very minor.

Suitable for holiday, bridal, wedding , formal or just about any type of entertaining.

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