Vintage 1920s Silk Lingerie Handkerchief Hanky Case Mixed Lace Cover

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The heydays of the 1920s were filled with some of the most breathtaking needlework that one could imagine. It was an era of opulence and lavish lifestyles of which ladies did indulge themselves. Not everyone was so fortunate to have wealth but even women of more modest means were skilled in creating needlework that certainly gave them a sense of the "finery's" of life.

From this past era lingerie and hanky cases or keepers such as the one photographed were apart of a lady's vanity. The cases held lingerie, hankies or stockings. Beautiful cases to protect delicate unmentionables.

As you can see this is a lovely lingerie case / keeper with the cover made of mixed machine laces culminating to the circular center motif. Hand embroidery of leaves embellished the four corners.

Lace is a layover with it being tacked with a few stitches to the padded silk under case.

Lace is an lovely ecru color.

A peek at the inside of the case. It is of silk in a soft peachy tan color. One pocket to hold lingerie ~ probably stockings as it seems the right size.

Overall size of the case / keeper is 10" long x 8" wide. Excellent condition as I found no damage.

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