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Vintage 1940 Straw Hat Wide Brim Grass Applique Felt Flowers String Ties

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Height: 20.00 Inches
Width: 20.00 Inches
Depth: 10.00 Inches
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Now what isn't there not to love about this hat?  Dating from the vintage years of the 1940's, the wide brimmed hat is made of a straw, decorated with felted wool.  Even the flowers are a lovely example of quality workmanship. 

Each of the flowers are fashion with a number of cut petals, placed on top of each other, terminating in a raised center cluster.  Two are a deep rose color and the other a lime green.  The flowers are situated on a bevy of green leaves with embroidery stitches to form the veins.  A dark colored branch and a flower bud truly makes the embellishment striking. 

The straw of the hat is a natural color with a narrow band of brown straw at the edge of the brim.  Metal eyelets are punch through the straw on either side of the crown.  This is to secure a rayon ribbon tie to keep the hat snuggly in place during a windy breeze.   Can you imagine a thought of a tourist hat for island shopping????

A wonderful label inside:  H.K. Great Wall Grass Manufacturers Hamous Artistic & Exqusitive Handbags.  Pictured in the center of the label is a cocoanut tree with the No.902 (written over another number).

Size of the hat is 17-3/4" diameter brim.  3-1/2" deep crown.  22-1/2" circumference around the inside of the crown.

Condition.  Except for a small break (missing 1" straw) on the narrow brown edging and some wear of the ribbon ties, the hat is nice.  (see photo). 

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