Vintage Barkcloth Curtain Tiebacks Home Made Fabric Rosette

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Height: 6.00 Inches
Width: 8.00 Inches
Depth: 4.00 Inches
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The Gatherings is offering a lot of six old original home sewn curtain tie backs from the mid century vintage years.  Made from pretty floral barkcloth fabric they probably once matched curtain panels. 

Each are a button type shaped rosette attached to a  length of fabric to gather the curtain panel.  There are two different groups with three in each group.  Alas, I don't know why three....never lost? 

These lovelies are to inspire your creative imagination.....

Size of the rosette is 4-1/2"" in diameter.  Length is 29-1/4" long x 2-1/2" wide.  This is the length for the lighter color tie back. 

The pink/rose shade is 4-1/2" in diameter.  Length is 27-3/4" long 2-1/2" wide. 

Condition is very nice.  Appear they have had little or no usage.

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