Vintage Bedspread Edwardian 1920s Hand Crochet Fabric Embroidery Tassels

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Vintage home decor. Dating from the Edwardian, into the 1920's era, a wonderful white hand made crochet lace and fabric bedspread.  This beauty is made with a pointed crochet border, with hand tied tassels, on the three sides.  The body of the spread is made of alternating panels of fabric, with a simple flower embroidery, and diamond shaped filet crochet insets. 

There are four panels of fabric and three panels of crochet.  The width of the crochet insets are 9-7/8" wide.  The border edging is 13" wide, including the tassel, which is 4-1/2" long.  The fabric panels are a cotton, maybe a linen blend.   The white flower embroidery is 17" long x 3" wide.  The size of this work is on the two middle panels. On either outer panels, the embroidery is 2-3/4" wide x 8-1/2" long. The top edge of the bedspread is straight across. 

The size of the spread is  78" wide (not including the tassels) x 96" long,  The spread would fit the top of a double bed but would only have about a 9" drop on either side.  Would be lovely to use in companion with another covering. 

Condition is very nice.  It has been laundered but not pressed.  Very clean. 

Decorate your home with vintage,  A charm of old mixed with new.

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