Vintage Edwardian 1900 1920 Stamped Tinted Embroidery Stuffed Bunny Rabbit

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This wonderful vintage late Edwardian - 1920's stuffed bunny rabbit has always been one of my favorites.  Fabric goods with stamped figures of animals or dolls could be purchased ~ ready to cut, sew and stuffed at home. 

Embroidery would be the final touch to give these toys personality.  It is with personality plus this stuffed rabbit shows a whimsical charm. 

Standing 20" tall to the tip of his ears (which are stitched together, for an extra defining curved look).  Width of his body is 10" at the bottom.  His printed jacket is highlighted with small pearl buttons on the front opening and on the coattails. 

Condition:  as the cloth rabbit has been hugged many a time, there is some soiling.  The stuffing in his ears has separated at the base of the ears, leaving them to flop.  A tiny hole above one embroidered eye brow whisker.  Actually, for being a toy, the stuffed rabbit is in remarkably good condition for his age etc.

A delightful toy to add to a collection of dolls or other cloth toys.

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