Vintage Edwardian 1900 1920 Tinsel Scrap Holly Cornucopia Christmas Ornament

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Depth: 6.00 Inches
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The delightful gleefulness of a child finding this vintage cornucopia hanging from a tree branch on Christmas morning, filled with sweet treats would have brought a smile to the face. Dating early 1900 - 1920.

Heavy paper printed with Christmas holly is formed into a cornucopia candy container.  Decorated with paper scrap of Santa and angels, it is further embellished with tinsel and a tinsel handle for hanging and carrying.

This lovely confection measures 10-1/2" long from the tip to the center top of the handle. Width across the opening is 4-1/2 and depth at the top is 1-1/2".

I find the piece remarkably well preserved and would be a nice addition to a Christmas collection.

Considering the age and the nature of the material this container is made from, it is in nice condition but not perfect.

The paper is scalloped around the top opening and to the front area some of the scallops are bent slightly inward but none are broken completely away. 

The point at the bottom is slightly bent

A little bit of red candle wax has come in contact with the tinsel as it forms around the back of the container.

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