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Vintage Germany 2 Scrap Valentines For Paper Crafts Children Flowers

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Be my valentine...2 lovely old German die cut Valentines scraps for making your own artistic crafts.  The larger one dates from the 1920's.  It is a 3 fold out design with a pair of crepe paper honeycomb "hinges".  The  7-3/4" tall card features a child, doves, roses and picket fence with cut out designs.  The width is 4-1/2" wide.

The flaws:  a couple of the cardboard hinges are broken so does not fold out properly.  As you notice one top corner is damaged.  It is folded back but may break when straightened.

The smaller scrap valentine is also marked Germany.  It is a series of strips of cardboard with slots, which are fitted together to open.  In other words when open will form a 3-D affect.  The die cut scraps have been pasted to the cardboard strips.  Features are child with wheelbarrow, garden trellis, flowers and potted urn.  Dates from the later Edwardian - 1920's era.

Flaws:  It is not complete.  Some of the cardboard strips are broken and some missing.  Trellis is creased and may have a mend.  Otherwise the scraps look to be in good condition.

Only your imagination is the limit.   

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