Vintage Glass Clothes Iron Candy Container Victory Glass 1940s

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Depth: 5.00 Inches
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What kid doesn't like a treat of candy?  Well, here's a real treat of a clear glass candy container from the vintage years of the 1940's.  The clear pressed glass container is in the shape of a clothes iron and although no markings, it may have been made by the Victory Glass Co., Jeanette, Pa.

Tiny pebble balls of candy filled the hollow area of the iron on the underside. Then bottom was sealed with a cardboard insert.  This held the candy in place until opened with the candy consumed.  Then the iron became a child's play toy.

Size is 4-1/2" long, from the point to the heel of iron.  Width is 2-1/4" wide at the widest point. 

Condition:  Four tiny nicks at the rim at the outside edge.  No more than normal handling and play.


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