Vintage Hand Made Crochet Filet Cherubs Unused Tablecloth Bed Cover Door Shade

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Weight: 1.00 LBS
Height: 10.00 Inches
Width: 12.00 Inches
Depth: 3.00 Inches
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This gorgeous vintage hand filet crochet work features three large cherubs, or angels, in a garden setting of trellis and vines. One appears to be climbing with another playing the violin. Perfect for your shabby chic cottage decor.

The rectangle piece is unused and appears never have been blocked.  The piece is completed, as it does have an edging, but not sure of the purpose.  Perhaps tablecloth or a door shade?  Another thought is a center area inset for a bed spread?  A lovely piece for your own creativity, and wow what a statement it would make, especially for a romantic or cottage home decor.  Even adding fringe for a wonderful throw would fit in many decorating schemes.

Made of white cotton thread in a medium weight.  Off white in color.  Never laundered, nor blocked, so it does have some slight oxidation here and there.  Only a small amount. 

Length and width is 59" long x 54" wide.  Climbing cherub is 16-1/2" tall.  Other two cherubs are 14" and 15" tall. 

Just a splendid piece. 




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