Vintage May July 1911 Needlecraft Magazine Issues Fashions Fancy Works

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2 issues of Needlecraft Magazine devoted to home dressmaking, millinery and fancy work. Here's a trip down memory lane back to the year 1911. The months of May and July are being offered.

The cover of the May issue features a wonderful hardanger embroidery square doily, complete with instructions.  Don't miss out on the other needlework features of this issue, including Renaissance lace.  If fashion is your thing, there are a number of pages showing summer styles, both dresses and walking suits.  The magazine contains  23 pages, which also includes some advertising.  All pages are in black and white.  Condition is decent but not perfect.  One page has a small cut out portion.  No missing or other torn pages. 

The cover of the July issue features an Irish Crochet doily in the Wild-Rose pattern.  Quite pretty.  A pattern instruction page of Irish crochet assorted neckwear.  Also, quite pretty.  Then, there is the ever popular pineapple pattern which includes doilies, collar and edging.  Plus other fancy needlework in embroidery etc.  The fashion pages include styles for little folks, dresses, coats, house dresses, and lingerie.  The issue contains 24 pages, with one page missing.  Otherwise, condition is decent but not perfect. 

Sold as a lot of 2.

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