WW1 World War 1 France Silk Embroidery Postcard Pansy Flower

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A vintage WW1 silk postcard from France.  Decorated with pansies, in purple and green, the words "How I Miss You" below the flower.  The greeting was sent to Mrs. C.C. Boatright, Whittier, Calif. from her husband on June 23, 1918.

Condition of the embroidery is very nice.  Some yellowing of the back of the card but no more than to be expected. 

A neat collectible for the time period.

Note:  Did you know....

The popularity of embroidered and printed textiles made for the souvenir market during WWI were a sentimental remembrance.  The men fighting in the war on a far away shore would purchase these beautiful keepsakes to take or send back home to a cherished loved one. A cottage industry of making these lovely pieces helped provide an income for families, especially ones in France and Belguim.

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