A lovely vintage glass box, or case, for storing hankies, from a time period long ago. Handkerchiefs that were so part of daily living, also deserved a beautiful storage box. This glass case dates from the later Edwardian - 1920's era. 

The case is rectangle in shape, fitted with glass sides, bottom and lid. The lid is hinged in the center so each side opens for easy access to the hankies. The box is decorated in ribbon with all edges of the glass covered with straight pieces of ribbon.  Some ribbons are gathered for a further accent, then attached to the straight ribbon, with thread. A large bow with a center of a single rosette decorates the lid. 

It is my understanding boxes, such as this one, were the "rage" ~ a craft during the era, with many being made at home. When you do find the cases, (they are not as easily found today as they once were) each is decorated in ribbon slightly different than the next. Most cases I have found have been triangle, however, I have had other shapes such as this rectangle one. The case is in very nice condition with no damage to the ribbon or the glass. The case measures 10-1/4" long x 5" wide x 3-1/4" tall.

 A lovely way to a nice way to store a collection of hankies today.