Vintage Throw Pillows

Antique Vintage Victorian Decorator Throw Accent Pillows

Small pillows of any size are versatile for accenting all your living area spaces. When thinking of decorative throw pillows there are many choices including antique and vintage ones. You will find ones of handmade needlework of embroidery, needlepoint, and laces. Patchwork pillows of quilt squares or even tapestry pillows might suit your fancy. Or choose from the turn-of-the-century (1900's) lithograph pillows with striking motifs ~ a decor to set your mood.

Also find in this category antique and vintage pillow tops that have not been completed. Unfinished to embroidery or completed except for a backing. Other home decorator items will be found in this category, too, such as draperies and curtain panels.

The Gatherings hope you will find the Accent And Decorative Pillow category a fun spot to shop for wonderful gift ideas!

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