Antique Sewing Samplers

Civil War Victorian Early Americana ABC School Girl Stitched Samplers

Antique vintage Early Americana ABC school girl samplers as well as wonderful cross stitched samplers from the 1920s through the 1950s are part of our great collection here at The Gatherings Antique Vintage. If you have a love for the embroidery and elaborate Berlin work ~ so Victorian ~ which date from the Civil War to 1890 you will find that here too.

The Gatherings Antique Vintage also carries book marks done in Berlin work or punched paper as it is sometimes called. I am told that many of these book marks were practice pieces done by children.

Not to be forgotten are plain sewing and practice samplers. Many ladies wanted to create and save small samples of crochet and knitting to refer to again. Some samples were stored loose inside a small box but many of these antique and vintage samplers were stitched to cloth or paper pages and made into a book form.

Today a sample book or even the loose samples are a delight to find and are certainly a testament to the skill of the needle worker.

So, spend some time looking around! You just may find a beautiful antique or vintage sewing sampler you can't live without.

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