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Antique Civil War Victorian Books School Slates Pencils

The Gatherings offers many choices of books dating from the Civil War era to the early 20th century.  All are hand picked from inspirational, poetry to how-to crafts of an earlier era. Others are chosen for the beautiful covers and lithograph drawings.  For the country primitive lover, you will find authentic cloth covered books, many of them school books.

Should you love, as I do, young children stories and school books, both 19th C to vintage, I think you will be delighted with the findings. As early school books are one of my favorites, I would like to offer a few other treasures from these primary years such as the slate board, pencil boxes, book carriers and even a slate pencil or two.  They just seem to go with early school books.

So if reading is your past time, especially mid to late Victorian or even into the early 20th century, I hope you will pull up a chair to browse the shelf of the books available.

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