The art of hand crocheting is a very old form of lace making. There has been some early documentation of crocheted textiles known about 1812, although the craft was more than likely practice prior to that date. In 1824 the first known crochet patterns were published in the Penelope magazine, which was printed in Holland. Through the 1800's crocheting seems to be firmly established, and along with the art, books were available, giving abundance of patterns and directions for trimming household linens, as well as clothing. Today the art of crocheting is still a very popular past time.

In the early years of the 20th century pattern books abound for trimming lady's under clothing and nightgowns. Many printed instructions were available for making lovely yokes for nightgowns, as well as camisole, corset covers and teddies. Although some camisoles or corset covers are made entirely of crochet, others are a pretty crocheted yoke attached to fabric to complete the garment.

Here is an example of one of these wonderful needlework instruction books. Dated 1917 by the Novelty Art Studios, Chicago, Ill. The book is 14 pages of photos with printed instructions of a variety of designs for yokes and bed caps . It certainly has a wonderful array of styles.

Two pages from the inside of the book.

Below, a lovely filet crocheted lace yoke in unused condition. Most of the yokes found are of a white, or off white cotton thread, but occasionally a color will surface.