Decorating Your Home With The Impact Of Antiques

As I sit here studying the trend of colors in today home decorating, it seems there are many choices.  Some quite bold.  However, the color hues of whites, blacks and grays are still wildly steady.  These popular colors mixed together or used separate hold a prime spot. Now teamed with some of the new bold colors appearing on the horizon can create a snappy room.  That aside, even though white, black and gray are not my color scheme, I do have a perchance for it. I especially like to study rooms using any of these colors, to see how the decorator has assembled the smallest of detail and how that choice impacts the room.  Even more intriguing, especially of my love of antiques, is to see an old piece incorporated in some way.  Antique and vintage, bring a punch that brand new items, in my opinion, can never do, as old things, generally are one-of-a-kind.  So sharpen your decorating skills adding an antique collectible ...or two to bring a WOW response.  No matter in what color scheme you choose.

This collection of old sock darners may be the dramatic addition to a one-of-a-kind choice for a special place nestled in a white bowl, woven basket or other container of your choice.  A nice addition to a white, black or gray room or any combination of.