Here is one FABULOUS 1920's bedspread! It incorporates lovely sprays of jewel tone flowers tied with sun gold ribbon bows embroidered on 22-count cloth fabric. Not only is the embroidery work absolutely stunning it also shares the limelight with insets and a complete border of Hardanger embroidery. Still, the show does not stop here.   Taking to the center stage, is a large round darn net lace inset of two figural ~ pied pipers, if you will. It is glorious with so much artistic expression plied with the needle.

This show stopper does speak for itself. The size is very generous as it could be team with a dust ruffle to fit a king size bed. Or a perfect fit for a double size bed.

The above photo shows just two of the examples of the Hardanger lace embroidery worked on the bedspread. Hardanger is a counted thread type embroidery worked in satin stitch. Hardanger is usually worked on a 22- count cloth which is rather a loose weave fabric making the threads easy to count. This work is characterized by embroidered blocks called kloster. The kloster blocks can be worked into many type of desired patterns.

The center of this beautiful bedspread showing the darn net figures surround by the the garland of flora. I think you, too, will find this bedspread breathtaking. As with many of the textiles from the past the maker's name is unknown but her creative legacy lives on.