In The Flower Garden ~ A  Mix Of Old, New And In Between

A branding of flowers, mixed with colorful Depression era garden pots, adds charm to a small garden spot..  To anchor the spot, the old potting steps in weathered blue paint, is surrounded by three bower vines which bloom profusely.  Set against deep green leaves, the soft pink flowers, in a trumpet shape, are so pretty to view.    The vines were moved from the arbor trellis. from my secret garden, to this location a few years ago.  Poor souls, with a breath of renewed vigor they could spread their roots into an area of deep soil, blooming their silly little heads off. Their blooms are glorious almost all year around, but more so from May to September. 

As I had a few Depression era flower pots, this seemed to be a perfect place to add more of a cheery note. 

The bright and colorful metal dog is a tribute to the love of dachshunds.  Although it is new, the added ambience spells delight overseeing the lively antics of two live Doxies who share the yard..