I have always admired this wonderful lady's 1910-1912 (Titanic era) Edwardian brimmed hat in wonderful condition.  So I thought I would share.

The outside of the hat is of a brushed plush in green sprinkled with reddish brown. A very interesting plush. This same fabric is slightly folded to form the crown of hat ending in a bow adorned with a large cut steel buckle at the back.

 Still more striking is the inside of this hat. Completely covered in baby blue silk tulle & folded satin fabric or ribbon (thinking the latter) decorated in a alternating "stripe" effect. Two cut steel clips decorate the one side. Cream silk inner lining at the crown. Lovely gold label of Pinkney & Howe, Fine Millinery, Norwalk, Ohio. I must agree with the label as this hat is, indeed, a fine millinery creation. From an old wealthy family from this area and bought directly from the estate.

Gorgeous, isn't it.