Repurposing Old Vintage Or Antiques For New Purpose ~ Inspiration Outside Of The Box

As a young collector of antique kitchenware, I was so fascinated with sad iron trivets. Yes, at the time, these trivets, many with advertising or the name of the maker, were suited for wall hanging or lining a shelf. The more the  merrier! Then there came a time the more the merrier became work of cleaning and dusting. That chore of cleaning finally won out, so they got packed away. 

Still it was the concept of thinking outside the box and a bit of imagination, I had an inspiration. In looking for a trivet to place under a potted plant, I thought of the sad iron trivets I had. My box of trivets yield different sizes, both in length as well as width. Even though most trivets are pointed, or somewhat pointed at the one end, the width of many were perfect for a 4 inch flower pot. I was totally thrilled and pleased with the desired affect of the look! Let alone, repurposing something I had by using old in a new way. Plus saving money of not buying new ~ which wouldn't have been half as cute! 

Oh by the way, I also like using old china plates and platters to place potted plants on, too. Even serving dishes can add charm. If large enough, either round or square, with a couple potted plants displayed ~ now, that's a Wow factor.

So think outside of the box turning old into a new artful collection.