I am always excited to find lovely vintage ribbon rosettes, especially because I love them so well!  These pretties date from the Edwardian - 1920's flapper era.    Thought I would share and showcase a few of this type of flower.   Not only a treasure trove, but a testament to the makers of these lovely creations. Each of these rosettes are unique from any of the others.  Each are in very good condition, considering how fragile the silk ribbon can be. Prolonged storage can also lead to damage of a rosette but none show any sign of deterioration.!

Now, I also happened upon a 1913 page from Needlecraft magazine titled "Ribbon Flowers" by author Anna T. Roberts. Her article gives detailed instructions for making these lovely flowers. The instruction highlights are for Rose buds, Roses in full bloom, Violets, Pansies and Forget-Me-Not . Not only does she give directions for making, but tells how they could be used, including different pieces of clothing, hand bags, lingerie and hankie cases.  For the vanity or dresser, boxes covered in rosettes, mirrors and powder puff.  Pillows for the boudoir.  Some quite spectacular.   The limit was endless.

Here a few examples of the rosettes as well as the page from the Needlecraft magazine.

A close up of how one of these is made.

And yet another one.

All silk ribbon except for the leaves and stamens.