Sometimes the joy of collecting antiques is in the hunt.   One never know what might be waiting at that next estate sale, outdoor market or any other venue collectors and dealers search. So it is, with this perfectly mint pair of early 1900's Edwardian baby shoes or slippers. And no less in the original shoe box, with its great graphics of babes and storks.  Wow! Such a beautiful gift to welcome a new baby.

These little "darlins'" are minty in box.

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Perhaps you love vintage linens?  Well, why not this wonderful stamped embroidery pillow cover.   Sewing projects , such as this one, were so available during the earlier part of the 20th Century.   Amazing to look through catalogs of the time.  It gives one the feeling of no end to the type and variety of needle work projects for ladies to work a deft needle upon.

This charming pillow cover is from the 1930's.

It is a made of organdy fabric with a large flower embroidered on the organdy.

Just right for a chic cottage home, don't you think?