Victorian Early 1900's  Blue Parasol Figural Children Playing At Seashore

I have read articles regarding the small size parasol, being not necessarily a child's, but may have been used by a lady riding in a carriage. She would want something to block the sun, but not so large to hamper her view. I am sure this is a true statement, however, on the other hand, I feel some small parasols were actually used by children.

Case in point would be this small parasol, with its decidedly motif of children, engaged in activities near the seashore. Certainly one that would have been carried by a young girl for a summer stroll, perhaps even on the broadwalk.

The fabric is blue cotton print with figures of children playing. The fabric is much on the order of handkerchief cloth.  I am not aware of any history of this type of fabric used for parasols, however,I would love to learn more.

In the past,  I have had two others parasols. Both were larger and most definitely for women. One parasol was a creamy white background printed with brown figures. The other was a red with white figures.

All of the parasols were purchased, over time, in the New England states, so it is a possibility a manufacturer was located somewhere in the region.

The cotton parasol certainly is not a fancy one of silk, satin & razzle dazzle but, still, one to delight the eyes. In my opinion, a bit unusual.