Yesteryear's  Needlework ~ Re-Purpose For Today's Decorator Statement

From the late Victorian, 1900's era, a pretty silk thread hand embroidered worked on felted wool doily mat. Edging is hand pinked. This lovely creation is 12-1/2"in diameter embellished with stems of flowers, plus a butterfly. It is worked mainly in colors of gold, toast,cream and green. The felted wool was an olive green but the top has faded to an all over drab green now. The photos show the color as more brown but color is actually as the first photo. Beautiful for a fall centerpiece, or for that matter, all year round.

Condition: Needlework is very nice. Some slight moth bits to the wool as you will notice in the photo. Nothing serious but there.

Looking for ONE OF A KIND something to make a statement in today's decorating scheme? I would consider placing under glass to make a tray.   Accent with a plant, vase of flowers or serving. Perhaps you have another inspiration.

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