Vintage Buttons Belts Buckles

Vintage Antique Buttons Belts and Belt Buckles

Do you love old buttons as much as we do?? Old buttons tell such a story. A story written in history, through the centuries, tracing its way back to the cave man. Not only were buttons used for practical reasons of fastening clothing but were also highly decorative as noted at the beginning of the 18th Century. At this time, skilled artists were working in many materials, especially in precious metals and jewel, designing these beautiful small works of art.

The collecting of buttons started in the 1930's with the interest enjoyed by many, much as it is today. Even though times were tough, money scarce, many housewives did have access to boxes of old buttons stored away. So the craze was born.

Today's collector can find buttons made of metal, glass, china, horn, vegetable ivory, mother of pearl, wood, plastic and other natural and man-made materials. Buttons can be found in all shapes and sizes. The designs are as vast as are the shapes and materials. Images from animals to fantasy can be found just to name a few. As with many collecting fields, the joy is in the hunt. Happy Hunting!

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