Vintage Sewing

For those of you who are handy with the needle, or the sewing machine, The Gatherings Antique and Vintage Sewing Collection is the perfect place to shop for all things needed to make that next amazing gift idea!

We carry a wide selection of antique and vintage sewing Civil War, Victorian and Edwardian era sewing patterns, belt buckles, buttons, homespun fabric, lace trims, floral embellishments, embroidery and braid trims, gorgeous ribbon trims, calico fabric yardage, Edwardian - Art Nouveau - Gothic Steampunk - Victorian laces, trims and embellishments for your next great handmade project.

Do you collect or restore old antique and vintage hats? The Gatherings has lovely millinery trims - ribbons, flowers, and more. Wonderful to give as a gift or work up into a finished project that you'll keep or give to someone special, you'll enjoy browsing through all that we have to offer in our Antique and Vintage Sewing Collection!

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