1890s Gibson Girl Doll Bodice Skirt Dress Old Authentic Victorian Fashion Hand Sewn

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Antique Gibson Girl doll dress for your fashion doll.  This Victorian 1890's dress is completely hand stitched and more than likely was made at home.  The two piece dress consist of the bodice and full skirt with train, in a silk fabric of a drab olive color with a trace of iridescent highlight. 

High collar with very full sleeves at the shoulders narrowing to a slim fitting sleeve on the lower arm.  At the hem line of the sleeve, the inside seam is left open, but finished.

This  1/2 inch in length opening allows the hand to slip through. The center back of the bodice at the hem is finished with a pointed taper.  It has a series of tucks to nip the jacket in.

Bodice is lined except for the sleeves.  Skirt is full with tucks at the back to form a soft pleat ending in the train. There are no fastenings on either the skirt waist nor the front of bodice.

Measurement:  Bodice front is 5-1/2" long from the collar seam (but not including the collar) to the hem.  Center back from the neck line to hem is 6-1/4".  Again, this measurement does not include the collar. The width of collar is 1-1/2" wide and is  7" complete around front and back. Sleeve length is 8-1/4" long.  9" around the chest.  10" around the waist.  Skirt waist is  9" around.  Skirt length, center back, 15" long. Center front is 13" in length from waist to hem.  

Condition:  For the age, very nice.  One long ago mend on the skirt (see photo)  Some frays, some holes in the fabric but none are a serious problem to the fabric.  However they are there.

Dress a doll, enjoy as a study piece or frame in a shadow box as art form. To me, that would be a statement.