1900s Antique Doll Collar Bib Lace Whitework Embroidery Fabric

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A sweet home sewn doll collar or bib made of whitework embroidery fabric, trimmed in lace edging. Probably made in the early part of the 1900's. All cotton including the lace. So suitable for dressing up a plain little doll dress.

Attention to detail by the seamstress as the collar is lined with same fabric on both the front and back.  There are no fastenings so the collar would have slipped over the head.    

Measurement:  5-12" long from the seam joining the front and back to the bottom hem. 6-1/2" across from one side to the other, at the neck.  Center front, from neck to bottom, is 5-1/4" long.  Opening at the neck line is 13" in circumference around. So the head of a doll to slip through the opening could not be any larger than 13". 

Condition, very nice. 


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