1902 Dainty Work For Pleasure And Profit Book Needlework Home Decor

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Dainty Work For Pleasure And Profit book dated 1904 by Thompson & Thomas, Chicago., third printing.  A book devoted to interior decoration, including needlework.  458 pages of text and illustrated drawings and photographs.  Chapters include interior decorations, fabrics for decorative purposes, implements and embroidery threads, transfers and stamping designs, embroidery stitches, application of stitches, shading of stitches, drawn work, point lace,  knitting and crocheting,  dainty work for profit, plus others. 

Some of the illustrations are wonderful ~ you got to love those Victorians ~ they wanted to embellish everything! 

An extra small bonus is a pressed paper pansy found in the front of the book.

Size is 9" x 7" x 2".

Condition,some fading of the words on the front cover.  A small bit of foxing on a page or two. Over all condition is very good.

This book is well worth having in a needle craft collection, whether it be for working the needlework patterns,  history, research or inspiration to update old craft to new ideas.