1920 Flapper Horsehair Straw Cloche Navy Tan Lace Fabric Flowers

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Weight: 2.00 LBS
Height: 12.00 Inches
Width: 12.00 Inches
Depth: 7.00 Inches
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I marvel at this vintage 1920's cloche hat, thinking the condition is absolutely amazing!  Made of a navy horsehair with narrow formed brim, tucked up on one side, secured with faille ribbon and two off white fabric flowers! 

The garnishment of four lace panels, cut on a triangle, are spaced evenly around hat, from the brim to the crown.  A navy soutache braid edges the lace, forming the finish between the horsehair and the lace. 

Alternating between the lace panels, natural horsehair in a narrow width is used to create a naturalistic design.  The natural horsehair, together with the navy braid, is used in a curlicue style around the edge of the brim. 

Except for the brim, the crown of the hat is completely lined in a navy rayon fabric.  No mention of the maker, but a label of LARGER HEAD SIZE is sewn into the lining.  This WOW hat is quite wearable.

Measurements:  Depth of the hat is 5-1/2" from brim to top of crown.  Width of the brim is 2" but tapers to nothing  Circumference is 22"around the inside of crown.

Condition:  Very nice.  The lining in hand stitched (whipped stitch) and noticed a couple of stitches are loose, so needs to be secured.  Some fading to the lining where the forehead would rest. Relatively minor.  Very little wear. 

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