1920 Floral Fabric Covered Storage Gift Box Sentimental Dried Bouquet

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Weight 1.00 LBS
Height 10.00 (in)
Width 15.00 (in)
Depth 4.00 (in)
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Having an affinity to sentimental things, I was instantly attracted to this vintage 1920's fabric covered gift box, given to Esther by her aunt Alice in 1929, as a Christmas gift.  This pretty box, with its brightly colored flowers on a tan background would surely make anyone smile. 

The box is made of cardboard, but the lid is padded with the fabric, wrapped around the sides, and turned to the inside.  The bottom of the box is formed with a decorative scallop edge. Quite attractive, I think.  The original contains, I don't know but Esther found a new use for the box. 

This is where I was reminded of special held memories.  Tucked in the box, a dried flower bouquet, held together with long wire shaped hairpins (although not hairpins but look as such). Yards of white ribbon streamer are tied to one part of the bouquet. 

A bridal bouquet or just something else so special it just needed to be saved? We can only suppose and draw our own conclusion, I guess.  So here it is, my presentation to you. 

Condition of box.  Cloth covering is good with only a soil dot or two.  The heavy card box does has a tear in the middle of lid but does not show from the outside because of the padded fabric.  One corner of the bottom of box is broken, however, the way it is broken it could be easily mended with glue. 

Condition of the flowers....as they are dried they are fragile.  I did not take them completely from the box but lifted to see. 

A fun treasure and maybe someone will appreciate it as I do.