1950's Swing Coat Matching Party Dress Block Printing Egyptian Influence Faille Fabric

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Height 8.00 (in)
Width 10.00 (in)
Depth 3.00 (in)
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Here is a fabulous matching coat and dress from the mid 1950's. Made of gray (I believe rayon) faille yardage in a raised design weave. The dress and coat are spectacular with its hand block print design, what to me, looks to be a Egyptian influence.

The dress is made with a dropped waist with a fitted bodice. Raglan style short sleeves with cuff. Gusset set in underarm at the arm hole and sleeve. Deep V neck line. Full length (working) back zipper from neck line to below the hip area. Zipper is of metal. The top of skirt attaching to the bodice is made of soft boxed pleats 2" wide. At inside where the pleats join the bodice a cheese cloth lining is attached on the skirt. This cheese cloth is just partial the length of the skirt. It is in one of these seams the only label is attached. Although the label is not much of a clue, I wonder if the ensemble professionally made, special order? (See label photo). Maybe you will have more thoughts?

Measurement of dress: 32" bust, 26" around the natural waist. 34" hip. Length from the neck line to hem is 46" in length. About 14" across from shoulder to shoulder.

Coat is long and loose fitting with no front closures. It is completely lined in a white acetate fabric. Sleeve length, with a cuff, extends just below the elbows. The sleeves of the coat are also raglan. Small hidden pocket on either side seam of the coat.

Length of the coat, neck to hem is 46" long. Shoulder to shoulder is about 17" across. Raglan sleeve from the neck line to bottom of sleeve is 19" long. Cuff area of the sleeve is 3" wide. Circumference around the bottom of the coat is 108".

Block printing on the coat features three different prints down the center back. Plus a scattering of four more on either side. Now, there is some ink bleeding of the block print onto the coat's white lining. Indicating the printing was done after the garment was assembled. Scale of the prints on the coat are 7" to 10" in height. The dress features four prints on the front of bodice. Each are 5" tall.

Also a little soiling on the inside lining and front opening at the neck line of the coat. A small minor repair also is needed on one shoulder seam where the stitching has come loose. A marvelous interesting outfit with needing a bit of fussing, meaning it needs to be pressed, possibly cleaned, if you desire, and of course the seamed mended at the shoulder. Was this a manufacture garment for the masses or limited? I have no idea. I will tell you I acquired it years and years ago from upstate New York.