4 Tin Food Mold Tart Pastry Pan Antique Victorian Shell Pineapple Cornucopia

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These delightful miniature size tin food mold tart pastry tins date from the late Victorian era into the early 1900's.  Truly from a farmhouse kitchen!  The group consist of a cornucopia, pineapple, shell and round ribbed pan.  Great old patina makes these molds a collector "must have" for display.... or possibly use for crafts....you be the judge on that.   Soldered metal ring for hanging on three of them.

Cornucopia is 3-5/8" long x 2" wide, at the widest point.  1" deep. No hanger on this one, nor does it appear it ever had one.

Round Ribbed Pan 2-1/2" diameter.  1" depth.

Shell 2-1/4" wide at the widest point.  2-3/4" lengthwise.  1" depth

Pineapple Length 3" long x 2-1/4" wide, at the widest point.  1" deep.

Condition:  All are in original condition with worn nice-look patina over the the decades.  A charming set in good condition.



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